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                        4/11/06 for "I am the Flag", 6/8/06 for "You Might Be A True American If:
                   9/11/06 for long version of America Attacked 911, 10/2/06 for Lynyrd Skynyrd's
                  Red, White, & Blue 2006, 10/18/06 for John Wayne's "Why I Love America",
                 Bubbaz Art Work, and Military.com, 12/5/06 for Military Christmas movie
               and A Soldier's Silent Night Poem (audio & text), 1/4/08 for
Iraq Tour of Duty Ribbon,
               Reconnect America, and Military Families Speak Out,
1/6/08 for Soldier's for the Truth, and 12/16/08 for Support Organizations Links )




Remember & Support The Troops in Far-away Lands & at Home
      This Holiday Season and Always


Military Christmas    STC    A Soldier's Silent Night


                     The Service Flag Above Is For My Sons, Who Are In The Army & Navy

              The Above Is For Me

                       Iraq Tour of Duty Ribbon

        Its Time To Bring Our Troops Home


         Listing of Support Organizations


                  Military Families Speak Out

                  Soldiers For The Truth




               Click a name below to view photos
              that were submitted by that military member:

           James K. - US Army, Kuwait/Iraq

               Matt N. - US Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan


          Other military members are welcome to Email
         the WebMaster if they would like to have
        their photos included here for others to see


                     To visit The Flagpole WEB site, click the graphic above

                        9/11/01 Pentagon Pin

                           Click Here for 9/11 Flash Tribute Site for Pentagon


                         Support Our Troops



                 Little Did She Know, America Attacked, and We Are One are 9/11 Tribute Flash sites
        that take awhile to load,
 but are well worth the wait

America Attacked
                       The America Attacked Flash tribute above this link is a 7 meg, 10 minute presentation found on many sites.
                    This version is the longer 14 meg, 19 minute presentation. Because of the large file size, you may want to
                 download the presentation to your own hard drive and then play it from there, especially if you
              don't have a high speed connection, or if you plan to play it more than once.


               "I am the Flag"

                "Dear Civilians"  Letter

                  You Might Be A True American If:





                     GCS DistributingGCS Distributing
                         The We Support You and several other tributes can be viewed at the above GCS link


                       America Supports You

                      An American Tribute


                     USA Patriotism Site



                      Military Wives

                       Blue Star Mothers

 Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation

                      Presidential Prayer Team


                  Red Cross


              Mercy Corps
              Mercy Corps Iraq Families


              USO Care Package


                    Operation Dear Abby


                       Send Thanks To U.S.  Military

                         Reconnect America

            Service Flags

               A Tribute To Veterans On A Rock In Middle Iowa
                Bubba's Art Work

              Sleeping Conditions in the Desert


                The Ultimate in Personal Home Security


           A Shot Up A10 That Made It Back To Base


         Rear View Mirror of Iraqi Truck



                         Bagdad Bob
         This Is GREAT!!!




                     If you plan on viewing one of these movies multiple times, PLEASE download the file
to your computer and view it there in order to keep the usage on the server
low enough that I can keep these movies available for viewing.   Thank You.

                AC-130 Gunship Video       Apache Mission in Iraq

              Die Terrorists Die    Bomb Saddam   Taliban Bodies

                              The Taliban Bodies Video is a 8.8 MB file containing Armed Forces Images & Video set to
                       "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" music by Drowning Pool. The AC-130 Gunship Video is a 5.7 MB file
                       of an actual AC-130 Gunship Targeting video in Afganistan, with actual radio communication
                          between the plane and the control center. The Apache Mission Video is a 12.3MB avi file of an Apache                             Helicopter smoking Iraqi terrorists with a 30 cal turrent gun (the smallest weapon available on an Apache).
                            You will need to install the divx codec to view this movie in either Windows Media Player or Real Player. 
Die Terrorists Die is a 12.2 MB file and Bomb Saddam is 10.7 MB.

                   All videos should take less than a minute to start playing as steaming video under Windows
                          Media Player on a T1 or DSL line. If your connection is too slow for uninterrupted streaming video,
                          you can download the video by right clicking on a link above, then select Save Target As,
             and save it to your own hard drive.

                        Media Player VERSION 7 or Above May Be Required To Play These Videos

                     They Also May Not Work Using Netscape, and May Require Using MS Internet Explorer

                 Die Terrorists Die, Bomb Saddam, and Taliban Bodies are from Grouchy Media.
                           You can download several other terrific movies from Grouchy Media by clicking on the link below.
                  These movies are available in several different sizes and formats.

                 Grouchy Media

                Click on Shock & Awe at military.com to see Images and Videos
              ( will need to join to see videos, but it is free & easy )


             Toby Keith's
                 Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)
(4.6 MB)

                Lynyrd Skynyrd
             Red, White, and Blue
                 Video (22.6 MB)


                 Bomb Saddam Talking Heads Flash Movie



                          Defend America





                 U S Dept of Homeland Security

             Operation Liberty Shield




                   Symantec Security Response CenterSymantec Security Response Center


                       Early Bird News


                   Defense Link


               Defense Contract Management Agency

                          FBI  Terrorist Warnings


                             Travel Warnings          


                                  USAF  USA  Formation  Flyby                     
                      Move cursor over above picture to view Navy's message to terrorists


             Red Skelton
            The Pledge of Allegiance

         John Wayne
         Why I Love America


      News Sources

         Stryker Brigade News
               Dedicated to news and information about the Stryker Brigade Combat Team
          Ft. Lewis, WA (3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division)


            FOX News - Operation Iraqi Freedom
           (Fox News)


            CNN News
           CNN News


               MSNBC News


          Sky News
                Sky News
         (British News Site)




            Military City


            Black Sheep News


         (Israeli News)


             Gulf News




          Click here for a very good article written by Amir Taheri of the Gulf News
            concerning what some, if not many, Arabs, including Iraqis, think of the American
         Anti-War protestors (including "Reverend" Jesse Jackson) that were in Iraq.


         Voices of Iraq - Iraqi Horror Stories

          Americans in France
        (Powerpoint Slide Show)



           Strategy Page


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